🚨Rival fans were laughing their ass off at how Carragher summed up Klopp’s time at Liverpool .. 😬

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Liverpool managed to sign off on a win yesterday for Jurgen Klopp as he departs the club after nine years at Anfield. During the coverage of Liverpool vs Wolves yesterday, Jamie Carragher said the following that has a lot of fans in stitches ..

No he said klopp said he collects relationships and not trophies….its amazing how a paraphrase can give an entirely different message

Can’t expect more from a man who never won the premier league though. The fact Klopp won it makes it look like Neil Armstrong being the first man to land on the moon

He’s won every single trophy with Liverpool. Regardless, I know for a fact on his death bed, he’s not going to think of trophies he’s won, he’s going to think of every single person hes connected with and what it means to that person.

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