is a sports and banter website which started as a hobby and developed into a globally recognised full-time business.

We offer a fresh, honest and funny opinion on all things sport and if something big happens we’ll be one of the first ones to let you know about it.

Thanks to our millions of followers across all of our social media platforms, we have established ourselves as a popular sports brand in countries all across the world.

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BenchWarmers is the fastest growing website in Ireland and is rapidly growing into the UK. We are a frontrunner in the world of sports news and banter with a huge fan base in the UK, US and Ireland.

We focus on being relevant, timely, cheeky and our aim is to get people talking not only about what’s hot right now but your brand.

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97% of our audience

is male


86% of readers are

between 18-34 years old

88% of our audience on Facebook is male and 3 in 4 fans are under the age of 34 with the majority sitting in the 18-24 demographic. In September 2015 we had an average daily engagement rate of over 650k users and average daily reach was over 3 million users. This ensures even with a short social campaign you are reaching a vast audience on Facebook.

Our Network

Audiences for the Different Sports

UFC: We have over 1+ million followers on our Conor “ Notorious” McGregor fan page which is perfect for any advertisers looking to break into the fitness/fighting market.

GOLF: Our Golf page Golf Banter Page has over 140,000+ followers which are a great gateway for golf brands to reach their audience. We also have an Instagram account which has a growing audience with over 4,000 followers. Visit here> Golf Banter Page

GAA: We are the proud owners of the world’s most followed GAA page in GAA Craic.  It is the largest GAA Facebook page in the world with over 208,000+ followers which is larger than the official GAA account.

We also have an Instagram account which currently has 32,000+ followers Visit here> GAA Craic.

Our GAA accounts have a very large Irish following and are a great point of contact for any Irish brands looking to hit the 18-34-year-old, predominantly male market.

DARTS: We also own Darts Banter Page, one of the fastest growing Darts page on Facebook with over 45,000 followers.

WWE: WWE Banter Page is our WWE specify page with a following of over 225,000+ on Facebook and 3,000+ on Instagram. Visit Instagram here> WWE Banter Page

RUGBY: Rugby Fights & Big Hits has a strong rugby following of over 195,000+ and growing. We also have a large Instagram page with almost 19,000 + followers. Visit here> Rugby Fights & Big Hits


As you can see we have a very strong and growing social presence across many different sports which can be tailored and targeted to your brand’s requirements.

If you are interested in advertising across any of our platforms please fill out the advertiser’s inquiry form below.

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