🚨Fans have noticed something truly pathetic as John Terry turned up to the Hall of fame this week with Andy Cole .. 😬

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The former Manchester United striker Andy Cole and former Chelsea defender John Terry were both named in the Premier League hall of fame this week.

One fan isn’t happy with how the former Chelsea and England defender turned up to the event and pointed out something that a lot of fans are copying on to ..

You just know Terry brought his medals on his own accord without them asking him to bring them

Guy who wouldn’t fly to club tour because he wasn’t in first class and challenged his managers authority from day one

Being proud of what you have achieved doesn’t make him arrogant. Literally knit picking something so meaningless  it is a photo shoot for being in the premier league hall of fame and he chose to where his winners medals… Where the issue???

If I was Terry I’d walk around in public with them all on, grow up!

Things is that nobody cares about Terry like that. Allow it

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