🚨 Ex England star involved in drunken London brawl, he was fuming

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Former Liverpool and Newcastle footballer Andy Carroll yelled “You f***ing want some?” at bystanders on the street after his shirt was torn in a 1am brawl outside a swanky restaurant.

The 35 year old allegedly scrapped with a man who fled, before passers-by tried to calm him down as reported by The Sun.

He had been out with his wife Billi Mucklow at Sexy Fish in London’s Mayfair

Security at the restaurant tried to calm him down and an onlooker told the Sun that Carroll stared at other strangers, asking, ‘You f***ing want some?”

Andy Carroll was involved in a scrap in London.

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A witness said: “Andy had been in the restaurant with Billi.

“It looked like they had been having a pleasant evening, knocking back the drinks and enjoying the Asian cuisine.

“But Andy had a row with a guy as they were preparing to leave.

“It spilled on to the street and to everyone’s amazement he was rolling on the road with this guy.

“It all happened very quickly.

“Billi was not impressed.

“The guy disappeared as security ran over to intervene.

“Andy had his smart white shirt ripped.

“People tried to calm him down but he had unfinished business and could be heard shouting ‘Where is he?’

“I don’t blame the other guy for doing a runner.

“You’ve got to be brave to take on a 6ft 4ins powerhouse like Andy.”

Passers by tried to calm down the former England man.

Last summer the striker joined French League Two club Amiens where he netted four goals in twenty eight appearances but they may take a dim view of his latest actions.

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