🚨Tom Curry breaks silence on racism claim against Bongi Mbonambi

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Tom Curry has spoken on the alleged racial slur from Bongi Mbonambi during the Rugby World Cup for the first time.

The incident occurred during South Africa’s semi-final clash with England where Curry claimed that Mbonambi called him a ‘white c***’ during the first half.

World Rugby has since reviewed the incident but dismissed it due to ‘insufficient evidence’.

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Mbonambi denied all allegations insisting that it was a misunderstanding and that it was an Afrikaans word that Curry did not understand.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the England flanker stated that ‘there’s no misunderstanding from my part.’

“I heard what I heard,” he said.

“For me, on both occasions, the ball was out of play. Me and Bongi were talking and there’s no misunderstanding from my part. I went to the referee straight away. I heard what I heard. That’s all I really want to say about it and I won’t really be talking about it again.

“It was tough for my family, my girlfriend and my brother. It was a tough experience but it is what it is. The investigation’s been done and that’s all I want to say about it.”


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  1. The replay of events from the loosenpkay to the penalty awarded was captured on audio. You definitely hear Bobgi shouting wit kant and Fav responding to it. At no time were bongi and Curry standing close to have a conversation

    1. He cant back down now. He made that stupid report to the ref. If he retracts now its going to make him and RFU look stupid.

    2. It occurred whilst they were running to a breakdown. The photos of them together are all over the internet. Stop making excuses. Really glad that Curry is so assured on this. Bongi is a racist. It just can’t be proven.

      1. What are the chances of any black person to call a person a white cunt in the field of play whilst playing his fellow team mates the majority is white. Imagine Faf listening from this how is he really take it. If Faf may Itoje bloody Kaffir or bloody nigga just imagine Bongo hears those words, how is he going to take it. Guys please be reasonable. Curry should stop being arrogant but apologise and recognise that it was just a fundamental mistake and anybody in the world may really make the same mistake.

      2. “Bongi is a racist. it just can’t be proven” Read that again, slowly.
        It’s like me saying you’re a murderer, it just can’t be proven.

        Why? Because “Insufficient Evidence”.

        Keep believing your lies, just maybe don’t say anything out loud in case you make yourself look like an idiot in public again….

      3. Yes, I can hear that photo !Tthen Curry claimed it happend last year also, think he took to many hits to the head. Dear Sir if I accuse publicly ( on a world stage ) that you are molesting your neighbours dog, be it false the damage is done. How do you prove a negative, you cant ! In SA racism is a serious offence, this real of the same English mentality as with the Bell Pottinger affair

      4. Sorry, but you guys are just failing to comprehend. Bongi was speaking in Afrikaans. To top that off, the c**t word is an English expression, used in England. It’s not used here in South Africa. Never ever heard it spoken here. I lived in the UK for 20 years, and the English use it frequently, especially in working class areas like Dagenham – where I lived.
        I have lived 5 years in SA, and never, ever, have I heard anyone use it.
        So to sum it up, England is not the whole world, snd the whole world don’t speak like you do. Believe me, the Afrikaans and Xhosa/Zulu people have way better words at their disposable!

        1. Merete, I agree. I’ve lived in both RSA and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). African people do NOT use that word, ever. They have their own derogatory expressions and I have NEVER heard any of them used in sport. In any case, Curry would not know any of them.

      5. How would you not which Kant he is in? Personal experience? Would seem you might be on the wrong Kant on this story…

      6. The problem with curry’s statement is that the word he says he thought he heard begins with a D in afrikaans and not C as he says he heard

      7. When any one (This Curry-guy included) know he is in the wrong, and does not want to admit, the easy way out is allways “I know what I know” or “I know what I’ve heard” or “It has been hard on my family” – no appology. All 3 of these statements used by him! Bad sportsman ship!
        Pathetic issues that came to the fore during the 2023 WRC.

      8. I have Alexa and my you can imagine what comes through for Alexa translater.
        Into Dutch for example: ‘choose a side’

        My kids think it’s hysterical.

      9. How do you speak with so much authority if you say there’s no proof? So, it’s true just because he says so? Really?

    1. He has to continue the lie now. Hasn’t worked out for him. Hasn’t got the nuts to admit the error and move on. Not a man, has a vagina.

      1. Are you implying only a woman would behave this way? As a possessor of a vagina I find that highly insulting. We vagina possessors are also grown people who behave properly. Shocking, I know.

  2. Little soft cock, white woke dimwit…he should be charged with dissent and bringing the game into disrepute. Arsehole!

  3. Curry is just an idiot! He had Wit Kant printed on his shirt, Bondi just read it. Not Bongis fault that idiots print shit on shirts without understanding!

  4. Oh dear, there are some ignorant people who really shouldn’t be posting on here; do any of you actually know what was said, no; were any of you there on the pitch, no. It is very convenient to say that it was a phrase in Afrikaans, which sounded just like “white c**t”, so there is a ready made excuse if it is reported. As for Curry reporting it to the ref, “Pete”, he was absolutely right to, or do you believe that racism, or potential racism, should be ignored. If Mbonambi said it, he is a racist, if he said “wit kant”, then Curry still has the right to report what he thought he heard, and World Rugby are a disgrace for not investigating the matter fully, because they sure as hell would have done so if the allegations were the other way round. Oh and “Larni” you are clearly a racist going by your comment, so shut up and stop trumpeting your prejudices.

    1. This guys should just move on… Why try to ruin Mbonambi’s career with a speculation he thinks he heard. Overall what does that have to do with the difficulties he’s been going through personally

  5. Bongo was speaking Afrikaans. Wit kant means while side. Shampies. But I must say the jokes Curry has resulted…… The latest word is kant in SA. 😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Why didn’t he say wit bal?ie white ball what all plyers would say. Bongo speaks English quite well as he went to an English speaking school; St. Albans College, so stop pretending he didn’t know what he was saying.

  6. We never used such words at South Africa, we have better swor words such as Po3s with a capital letter “P”. Surely Bongi had to go to the dictionary after these allegations. Tom Curry we use other languages when we speak to the opposition in South afrika. Remember Straus and Peters en incident in cricket? Pieteresen said England captain is a (dos) when they asked him traslation it means black box. Chill man the world cup is over The trophy is die Kant. Hulle weet nie wat ons weet

  7. “Justin”, it is you who is the c**t if you think that calling out racism is wrong; whether it was or not is immaterial, Curry heard what he thought was a racist comment, WR chose not to investigate it, this is appalling for both parties, as it will never be proved or disproved. “Linhorito” you have missed the point by a huge margin, we need to investigate any and all allegations of racism, ot it will never be eradicated. “Charl” get a grip, by condemning Curry, you are supporting racism. “Marius”, why should Curry back down, he believes what he heard was racist, he has been cleared of any malicious intent, Mbonambi has not been cleared of any racist intent, he should be screaming out for an investigation to clear his name, unless of course, he knew exactly what he said, and worse, had worked out an excuse in advance.

  8. If he can’t even speak his own language correctly then I wonder. “Me and Bongi”. Maybe it was just printed incorrectly.
    The correct English should be “Bongi and I” if I’m not mistaken.

  9. @ Chris. Your long winded, detailed whinging is now past it’s expiry date and can now be put to rest.

    Oh wait – yes that’s what English players and supporters does best when losing??? Whine and going on and on and on……… Get a life and move on- support your team in the Cricket world cup. Lots of sledging over there without players running to the umpires…

    1. I have never believed for one minute that this is about being a poor loser, and if you wish to ally racism with losing a game, then it is you who has the problem, not me. I keep saying, if a full investigation was carried out, we might know the truth, but maybe WR are scared to do so, just in case they find the allegations to be true. And what I presented is the facts of the case, so not whinging, just trying to put to bed the 300 + people who seemed to be on the pitch and heard everything.; it seems to be the Saffers who can’t let it go, I am just defending someone who genuinely believed he was being racially abused, and deserves his voice to be heard.. So stop trying to deflect from the issue here by calling people sore losers, I backed SA to win the tournament from the start and believe they fully deserved to win the trophy.

  10. We detest those bigoted racists in South Africa which is why the Springboks campaign was about social cohesion. Now mna as a Zulu/Xhosa women who also understand a bit of Afrikaans, I will curse at you in my own language and leave you feeling dizzy. For one he could have said mgqundwakho or your poes now stop dragging us to your low levels of intelligence. We have serious swear words up our sleeves. Am simple saying apologize and move on not unless this is about Isandlwana

  11. This was my first time ever hearing the word c**t in my life as a South African, I had to go to GOOGLE and search for its meaning. It’s so unfortunate that Mr Curry can’t back down because he’ll look stupid and he’s sooo arrogant that he won’t apologize. I smell arrogance from him and that will definitely be his downfall. Akababoni abantu. Shame man.

    1. Why should anyone back down when they believe they have been racially abused; Curry is entitled to speak out, and anyone who says the opposite is supporting racism. You have never heard the word before? Then you must have lived a very sheltered life, Mbonambi is bi-lingual, and this is very convenient as an excuse IF he did say it, as he then had a ready made excuse if caught out, or, he didn’t say it, but will now have a cloud hanging over him for the rest of his career, so he should be the one demanding a full investigation to clear his name. I smell arrogance, and fear from him and no sense of arrogance from Curry, who has been cleared of any malicious behaviour or intent, the shame is on you.

  12. It was tough for his family , that’s hilarious..

    What was tough that you’re a c*nt*
    Seriously now he has become a proper c*nt

    1. I think it is you who has become a c**t with your one-eyed opinion on the matter; Curry made a complaint about an alleged racist remark, WR refused to investigate it, but did say that Curry was not in any way wrong for bringing the matter to their attention; sorry if the facts got in the way of your spiteful hatred.

  13. It is not racist to say white cunt, while saying black cunt IS racist. Racism is by definition, related to the oppression of black and asian people. There is no such thing as the oppression of white people by people of other races for the reason of race, therefor there is no racism in calling someone white in a derogatory way. So what was the complaint about anyway?

    1. Please go and do some research and study what racism actually means, you have just made yourself look very foolish, by saying that racism can only be a one-way thing.

    1. Racism is not acceptable, full stop, either in rugby or any other sport, if you belittle it, you support it, so it’s you who should grow up

  14. To consider that Curry has lied is as insane as to consider that people who declare that they’ve been harassed are liars. Do U think that is a life goal for both of them to take the risk to be criticized like you are doing it ? Especially when you consider that our occidental one-track thinking at this moment is to recognize our own racism thrue History against black people ? Curry has been courageous enough to talk about it whatever, even if we are all schocked by the possibility ti has arrived for real..

  15. This was a true reflection of the deep seated, disturbing and damaged underbelly of racial tension currently ripping SA apart… Curry was in the right, no need to focus further on it, there are bigger battles to fight back home, as will inevitably be played out on the world stage before too long…!

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