🚨The alledged Bongi Mbonambi/Tom Curry incident has been released the evidence is fairly conclusive

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We had a cracking semi-final on Saturday night between two great rugby nations in both England and South Africa. Luckily for the South Africans they came out on top in the end and advanced to the final where they will face the All Blacks.

During the game there was an alleged racist slur between Tom Curry and Bongi Mbonambi, video footage has now been released of what was said, give it a listen below;

MORE HERE: 🚨New footage shows what really happened during England vs South Africa brawl😬

It’s going to make for a cracking final between both New Zealand and South Africa and you’d be a fool to back on any of them on winning it. There’s sure to be nothing in it.. Be interesting will anything more come from the incident above..

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        1. Don’t be a dickhead. Learn some Afrikaans and you will learn what Bongi said. Curry was embarrassingly mistaken.

          1. Utter nonsense.
            Why on earth would Bongi have shouted ‘white team’? Were they not aware England played in white?

        2. Lol he never if u understand afrikaans this mind wit kant white side inside benekant so this is afrikaans and british dont get it. We never said cunt but kant

        3. No he didn’t…. Did you hear him? Nope you didn’t – and if you were Afrikaans speaking you’d actually understand what was said…

      1. If he did how would they know the difference there in white both sides??? And apparently there are two meanings White side and Wide side which is it very suspicious.

        1. Suspicious? 😂 Just because you don’t know a language doesn’t make it suspicious. There are many words in English that sound similar too. Watch other footage and you’ll see Bongi speaks Afrikaans onfield, which makes the two Afrikaans words most likely. The fact we can’t be sure which one he said shows just how inconclusive it is, and it’s a storm in a teacup (driven by bitter English media and fans).

          1. Why on earth was Bongi pointing out to his team mates that England play in white? Were they unaware?
            Absolute rubbish

        1. I feel sorry for you.
          Trying to milk a story out of anything. Maybe, just maybe you should get a life.

        2. Bongi was in an Afrikaans school…so yes, Bongi the Afrikaner. Afrikaner doesn’t refer to a race, it refers to people who speak the language as their mother tongue, and Afrikaners come in every shape and colour. The handful of die-hards who still claim it as a whites-only term are dying out.

          This is not the “gotcha” you think it is.

  1. Come on guys, what goes on the pitch stays on the pitch…we’ve all said or made daft remarks on the pitch in the heat of battle and in someone like Joe marler you’ve got the perfect wind up merchant..I don’t think for one minute Tom curry was offended but was looking probably for a cheap penalty…can’t blame him for that.

      1. Using Afrikaans helps the boks to communicate,in a language ,understood by the players. We do not WANT you to understand the language.

      2. So that the opposition don’t understand what is said. Standard practice on the cricket pitch as well.

    1. It was a great match, and I’m sure many things were shouted that you wouldn’t want to hear on the street, but let’s be serious, to the English ear wit sounds like vit… nothing like white.
      Don’t think it matters either way.

  2. If he’d said ‘jou ma se bloed p**s’ nothing would have happened…now that would be something. But Bongi is a gentleman.

  3. I once said:- “Esgusodwch fi, os gwelwch chi’n dda” which is Welsh for “Excuse me, please”, but someone heard and took three letters out in isolation. That someone didn’t speak Welsh… Easy to mishear stuff…

  4. When I was playing I was called a ginger Welsh bastard on more than one occasion . It stayed in the field .

  5. ok that’s fine, but in what context was Wye Kant said?
    I’m sorry but if there was any grey area around a white guys saying something contentious or a frase that’s not racist that can be twisted wed be crucified!
    I cant think of any reason why he would say White side?
    The ref may, when they say Green ball or White ball, nahh i don’t buy it at all, he knows what he said and i think as they were going at ot before that point and afterwards the context was definitely suspect..

    1. We are nation that has 11 official languages and Afrikaans is a language we are all taught in school, regardless of race., the majority of us speak it. We use Afrikaans as a tactical move in sport, just the French, Italian and other foreign speaking teams do… Do teams run and cry to ref when they hear something that possibly sounds insulting to them being shout across the field from the opposition? No…. The stupidity of people is overwhelming!

    2. Can’t understand why you are such a racist, and why it makes any difference to you as to how the team communicate with each other.
      Life is so short to be wasting your time on such a silly subject. Just live and let live. Africaans is one of the 11 official languages of South Africa. We usually communicate in the language the the majority of the people can understand at the time. Not everyone speaks English here.

  6. Here’s a curiosity to add to the confusion. There are two types of rhino in South Africa, black rhino and white rhino. The white rhino is not white. Indeed, it is more or less the same dark grey as the black rhino. So why is it called white? Because the early dutch settlers named the rhino a wide mouthed rhino (because, unlike the black rhino, which is a browser, with sharp lips, the other rhino is a grazer), The dutch for wide mouth sounds very much like white mouth if your language is English.

  7. Who cares? Things get said and done on the pitch during a match… you leave it there. This isn’t an egregious statement made.

    Curry is crying to the referee just like Owen Farrell does… and it’s annoying!!

    Keep it moving… nothing to see here.

  8. I am new to this site and am reading the comments for the first time. I am puzzled at how rude and insulting people are in their comments. Why, folks – those who chose to be rude and insulting – do you find it so necessary to be like this? What contribution does this make to anything positive? Do you think it makes you look good? Or the person you are commenting look bad? Perhaps some self reflection would be useful. You certainly are not going to have a better time of things by insulting and being rude to others. You may feel good for a second or two after typing the rude remarks…….

    1. I agree with you. Sadly if we could learn to listen and understand each other the world would be a better place

  9. I agree with you. Sadly if we could learn to listen and understand each other instead of only putting their point across. the world would be a better place

  10. Absolutely agree. My perspective…
    No need to point out “white shirts” absolute excuse for what was said.

  11. Usually, if one player insults another, they sort it out at the end of the match. However, England do everything throughout the match to provoke the opposition and gain an advantage. Their policy of ‘celebrating small wins’ is OTT and pathetic. A bunch of hooray Henrys, howling and hollering, hugging and kissing at every opportunity, belongs more at a children’s Haribou party than on a rugby field! Ungentlemanly behaviour should be punished and I only hope his complaint was not a tactically, planned intervention!

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