🚨The RFU have left themselves open to being sued after leaving out a key word in their statement

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There’s been a media storm this week over an incident which took place during the South Africa vs England semi-final last Saturday at a full Stade de France in Paris.

There was a racist slur aimed at England flanker Tom Curry by Springbok hooker Bongi Mbonambi ‘allegedly’ that is the key word the RFU have left out and it’s a word that count cost them dearly.. 

See some of the comments below, it will be interesting to see how this fairs out..

MORE HERE: 🚨Leaked what Owen Farrell said to Ben O’Keeffe as the captain & referee clashed in a heated exchange 😬

South Africa will take on New Zealand next in the Rugby World Cup final and this is the last thing that they want as they go through their preparations for the final.

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      1. Go onto the latest edition of the RUCK and read about your slimey players. Maybe then you will retract your comment

        1. Well at least the Boks didn’t get the grand total of 4 red cards before the tournament even started, I guess that shows how ‘squeaky clean’ the Slimy Limey team really is!

      2. Yeah, england proved last night they cheat and get away with it. all refs scared of stopping england shit. Boks play by the rules, so off you pop and learn them first before making daft comments.

    1. As I understand the World Rugby statement it said that racial abuse DID occur as has been claimed. The problem was that it was directed at Owen Farrell not Tom Curry. It is for that reason that the charge was dismissed, not because it did not happen but because it was not directed at Curry. So, sue away dude.

      1. What difference would make who it was, if true? Farrell doesn’t deserve an alledged racial slur just because he is 10x the bellend that Curry is.

      2. That “statement” is a fake. Have a look at World Rugby’s website for the real one, no mention of Farrell.

    2. Agh..fricken hell man !! English plse get nappies and f off!! Enough is enough!! No wonder so many countries wants to get rid of yr
      royals!! You people are a pain in the ass!! Complain..complain that is the only thing you people can do!! Your country are useless, ZERO to offer the world when it comes to minerals..nothing!! You are stealing from the African countries!! So voertsek!! Go find out what ” voertsek ” means like ” wit kant” ..

      1. At least we don’t have regular blackouts, The murder , rape and muggings , is is one of the highest in the World in your Putin loving corrupt poverty stricken shanty towns country . China is now stealing your minerals now ! Try to keep up . Stop your whinging with your inferiority complex . All together now !!, start singing, Give me my machine gun !! Lock up your gated and fenced off neighbourhood . How very civilised !!! Rainbow country ? My arse ! This is why so many South Africans come to live in the UK.

        1. Kind of the point, hey? All of that adversity and frustration (for years, directed all ways) and we still manage to beat you at your own game?

        2. And we can still win the rugby world cup. You cant win a rugby game so you start with other political and socio economic stuff. Really desperate I rate.

      2. At least the British sewage system still operates. I think it,s all that S##T you Safa,s are used to, that get you talking S##T ! 😉 A racist comment is a Racist comment even if aimed at Farrel where it would be accurate !
        If the Pom made a comment like that the whole world would be up in arms.
        Anyway why don,t you just go for a swim in the river ?

    1. Absolutely it’s a sickening way of behaviour. It’s just plain wrong. Imagine if Tom Curry made a Statement that was borderline racism. It would be plastered around the World.

      1. Celia pls before you people of English jump to conclusions, just know that South Africa have eleven official languages and Afrikaans is one of them..
        “Kant” is an Afrikaans word for side in your English. There is no way that we can be told by other people not to speak our languages.. Bongi is a Xhosa guy.. He can speak isixhosa with his captain and no one will question that. I said NO ONE..

        1. We all know what he said….and i gaurentee you he said what curry said…

          There is no way he would say white kant??? Come on now …dont be stupid…then he would have said wit kant….

          Thats why that country is where it is…. racism only works one way…!!!

          1. I believe the go to phrase in South Africa is “Jou ma se P@&$!!!”…
            Highly unlikely that a South African would use the phrase Curry claims…

          2. You prejudice sticks out like a sore finger. How do you “guarantee what he said”? Kant is an Afrikaans word meaning side.

          3. You dumb Bru, you can hear someone asked “waar is die ball” and bongi responded “wit kant” then later when bongi is at a ruck he shouted 3 times “wyd kant” go use Google translate from Afrikaans to English and stop embarrassing yourself

          4. I just want to roll my eyes. Language matters. Bongi has and will never be ‘that guy’. He was alerting his team the ball went to the ‘white side’ in our language side is Kant. Get over it. There are more serious things to debate. Like how does the world solve hunger and homelessness.

          5. Really ….you guarantee …were you there where do you get your guaranteed information. I think the real stupid is the one calling others stupid. Give us some evidence not your stupid opinion based on an obvious biased opinion.

          6. You are all fools.
            South Africa has 11 official languages.
            1 of them is Afrikaans.
            In Afrikaans Kant means Side.
            White side….Regte Kant
            Wide side….Wye kant
            He did nothing wrong!!!!

          7. No my man. He shout wyd kant wyd kant wyd kant. I think 3 times. Which means wide side. Maybe wit kant – white side, but either way, the manner in which it was shouted makes it pretty obvious it was a defensive call to his team mates. I understand the English clutching at anything, it was a painful loss. But dont drag a good mans name through the mud in your grieving.

          8. There is absolutely no evidence of what Bongi said, nothing. You are jumping onto the words of one person, only claiming it was said. In afrikaans rugby there is speelkant, steel kant, om kant, en nog meer. So you only want to hear one side and decide that is the truth. Sour loser…

          9. He did say wit kant. White side. Amazing how curry understood the meaning of “Wit” to be “White” and just made an assumption. Shows you whose the sore loses.

          10. Ek dink ook nie hy sou se white kant nie maar hy kon dalk wel wyd kant gese het wat ook deur Curry verkeerd geintrepeteer kon gewees het wie weet? In elk geval is die woord wat deur Curry beweer word gese was nie n woord wat oor die algemeen deur Suid Afrikaners gebruik word nie.

        2. Bongi can speak Afrikaans, he went to a a school in Bethlehem prime school in Afrikaans, He went to Riebeeck high school , he is a Sotho. He speak Afrikaans fluently !!!

          1. If Bongani really wanted to call him a “white c*nt” he would have said “wit poes” which nowhere near resembles the Afrikaans word for “side” which, as we know, is “kant”

        3. Then if he spoke Afrikaans as he is trying to exhonorate himself,why did he not say”wit kant” but now he fabricated an excuse and said that “white kant” meant their side. Absolutely sickening, but us White South Africans are already tired of all the racism exercised by the Blacks everytime they are in a difficult situation.
          This is sickening and justice is not going to prevail.

          1. Mate, have you seriously looked at our team. It surprising that we don’t have indigo coloured people playing. On that level and in a team like that. He would be kicked off in a second. If the claim was that he had said “you English kaaahnt” maybe there would be a chance. But characterising someone by colour is not something he would do. The Boks are a light against racism in a country that really suffers from it. Not like England where saying someone is ginger is a racist comment. Now go blow your nose and win third before I trade in my English passport for a German one

          2. for speaking afrikaans? if he wanted to swear at Curry believe me we have amazing words that no one would understand. Why use a word which basically no one in South Africa ever uses? sore losers.

          3. how would you know were you there? There is no evidence are we just supposed to take the white players word for it and not the black players word that it didn’t happen…a bit contradicting isn’t it?

        4. Yes and you lot know EXACTLY what it sounds like to an English ear thats why he said it, we used to do things like that when we were five dirty fokker

        5. If that’s the case surely the whole team would be using the word kant to mean side and not just the one player.

        1. Not just the fact that you english dont understand that kant means side but if you evet been in south africa you would know with 11 language alot of the people mix languages so before you want to judge try not to be ignorant Isiduli

      2. Bs ! In Afrikaans the word for ” side ” is ” kant ” and when spoken sounds exactly the same as the rude
        English word which all the English have gotten so upset about = all for nothing ! ” Wit kant ” means ” white side ” if translated correctly and not what the English are emplying !

      3. Definitely. We are used to the double standards in SA. Farmers are being murdered but the majority of this country are allowed their instigating singing of kill the farmer, kill the boer.

    2. If Tom Curry, whose mother tongue is English, called someone a c*nt on the field, he should be charged. If someone uses a phrase in another language that sounds phonetically like c*nt, but means something different, it should be deemed just so. The word “how” in Russian is pronounced “kak”. In my language that means “shit”. I’m not offended, because I believe I am smart enough to know that in another language it is innocent enough to be ignored. Just as this media rubbish should have been.

    3. Theat is called guessing and just like no evidence to charge Bongi you cannot say (you guarantee) on your speculations. Obviously you have little understanding of a fair legal process.

        1. I stsad behing Bongi all the way cause i believe he meant well but your statement is wrong anyone can be racist you might want to go and read the meaning of the word.

    4. Do you understand the Afrikaans language. Think before you ink. Bongi is a gentleman, hell never swore at any other player. Sour grapes.

    5. If one of Curry’s native languages was Afrikaans, no he wouldn’t, since it would have a whole different meaning. Since Bongi’s second language is Afrikaans, which all the Boks use to communicate on the field, and what he was speaking to his team mates, it changes the whole scenario. If he wanted to insult him he would have used a word South Africans use instead starts with a P and ends with OES, or starts with a D and ends with oos.

    6. What happened is a complaint of racism was made for a team who spoke one of their official languages. Thats is racism. Listen to the audio. The same word was used throughout the game by multiple players. Curry asked..what if he…not he did. He played the situation but it backfired.

    7. You are missing the pont that Bongi in fact DID NOT swear or use a slur he was talking AFRIKAANS. In afrikaans it sounds the same but you spell it differently AND it means side! Why do you guys not want to understand that? It was a misunderstanding. Let it be

    8. Learn some afrikaans. Wit kant (white side “T-shits”) groen kant (Green side “T-shits”)
      Kant means side pronounced can’t not your c**t. We don’t even know the c word in south africa as we use p**y instead.

    9. If Borthwick and your clown had any evidence they would have made sure that it stuck. Carry on eating lemons and drinking cups of tears to was the sour taste out

  1. How on God’s green earth could Bongi have been charged if the independent investigation done based off the allegation made. Found no evidence of the so called racial attack. Not even criminal law works that way. INNOCENT until proven guilty. Guilt equates to EVIDENCE which was not there. Gtfo RFU. An inquiry is not the stage for everyone’s “voice to be heard “

      1. in a court of law that means acquitted due to case not proven….. ? I’d aver in this case that “insufficient” evidence is indicative of the fact that substantiating evidence could NOT be found other than the allegation … he who asserts must prove

  2. It’s ridiculous that Tom Curry jumped to a racist conclusion when Bongi said Wit kant which means white side in Afrikaans. Tom Curry you should of kept quiet because you don’t understand what he said you jumped to a racist conclusion. Your a laughing stock in South Africa right now.

        1. Yes, a lot of us don’t understand how it is that Curry understood that the first two words in the sentence”Die wit kant” were Afrikaans for “The white …” but not that the last word , “kant”, was Afrikaans too. A lot of Afrikaans, Dutch and Frisian speakers are finding it very strange that Curry should decide that “kant” in an Afrikaans sentence means an English swear word, after recognising that “die wit” means the white. Before English speakers get their knickers in a knot over a black man using the word “white” – did any of you notice that England was wearing white shirts? Die bal is op die wit kant. The ball is on the white side. Here’s some more “kant” words: “Die bal is op díe kant” = The ball is on this side. Notice the accent on the letter i. Plenty of hysterical mileage to be got out of that sentence, eh?

      1. Have you ever been to SA and witnessed this ?Everybody understands at least afrikaans in SA.And it’s a well known fact when SA plays overseas sides they speak afrikaans not to give tactics away. This is becoming ridiculous let’s all focus and enjoy the finals .

      2. That’s BS. Bongi speaks Afrikaans fluently. Many black South Africans can speak afrikaans fluently. Especially in rural areas. A lot choose not to due to stigma of Apartheid but that is clearly not the case in the Bok team as they use Afrikaans on purpose on the field so that the opposition can’t follow their communication

      3. Bongi was in an Afrikaans Primary School, as well as an Afrikaans High School in the Free State. As Afrikaans as it will ever be. Sorry to burst your bubble…. Bongi speaks fluent Afrikaans.

      4. Please don’t show your total ignorance- Bongi speaks Afrikaans – it is his second language, he attended Afrikaans-medium schools… not that it is any of your business.

      5. He speaks better English and Afrikaans than you do French and Homeland English with all of your dialects. Have you ever been to South Africa? If you have not , rather shut up about who in a country can speak whatever language i.e . English, Welsh ets. Poor comment

    1. Dude, before u get upset with this. Please google what “side” is in afrikaans. And remember what colour jerseys England play in!

      Once u have Googled what that is, Remember if it is not a language you know, you have no idea how it is pronounced.

      This world has a tendency of jumping to conclusions with out knowing more than what is heard/ read in the media.

    2. Racism is never acceptable in any form. Is it racist if what Curry thought was being said was never said in the first place? Is it possible Curry was mistaken and now the English fans can’t just let it go? Is it possible Curry has defamed Bongi by making an assumption with no actual evidence?

    3. First prove it either way. You talk long before you think. There is a thing called due process and innocent until proven guilty. So, unless you were there maybe you should keep your racist comments to yourself.

        1. because he did say kant… it mens side in afrikaans. One of our languages in SA which they use on the field so no one understands them. Why not do a bit of research… come visit out beautiful country, we will make you feel welcome and you will understand how Curry misunderstood, jumped to conclusions. Not his fault just his ignorance

  3. I guess they are letting him play because south africa must’ve pleaded their case as they only have 1 hooked in their team after Malcom Marx was injured. Not sure if they were able or allowed to bring injury cover in at this stage of the tournament but that my reason why they cleared him to play.

    1. so you discount the FACT that there was NO EVIDENCE, that maybe ‘angel’ curry misheard/misunderstood something or the words were never spoken …. instead there an underlying suggestion that racism was overlooked?

    2. U think that it just goes to prove your ingnorance,world rugby would jump at any chance to stop SA from winning the competition ,they have tried all other avenues already and nothing worked,why was SA the ONLY team ti be forced to not wear their own jerseys due to some.colour blind kant
      I have lost all respect for curry ,i thought he was one of the better english players but now it seems he is just a cry baby

    3. no they cleared him because he dis not swear. He spoke adrikaans. Google translate SIDE in afrikaans and listen how its pronounced
      Educate yourself
      English is not the only kanguage in the world

  4. To help those out who don’t know the Afrikaans language.
    Wit in English – Afrikaans
    https://www.translate.com › … › W › wit
    Wit (Afrikaans) Translated to English as white

    ps://www.translate.com › … › K › kant
    Kant (Afrikaans) Translated to English as side

    From the clip Bongi’s statement is said when the ball is emerging on the England side of the ruck. He is using Afrikaans to let his team mates know the ball is out on the “white side” of the ruck.

    For further clarity, if he was referring to the English “c*@t” word, the Afrikaans word is “kont” and pronunciation is totally different.

    1. Please don’t show your total ignorance- Bongi speaks Afrikaans – it is his second language, he attended Afrikaans-medium schools… not that it is any of your business.

  5. Please, in Afrikaans “wit kant” means White side.
    So please remember tomorrow if they say “Swart kant” it means Black side

  6. Storm in a tea cup unfortunately has brought out the bad in people as a South African understand what kant means and with our sense of humor have had a fabulous time explaining the difference meanings of the word but think it’s time to put this matter to rest

  7. For all of you out there… the “C” word is not widely used in SA, it is generally a mating call of garden variety trash. It is NOT used as an adjective liberally like the English do… now if he said “Poes” – which is the SA equivalent, then not only will everyone believe it was used because not only that what we use it… but apparently because it’s now factually accurate.

  8. What are the chances he said “wyd kant”, meaning wide side / off side, if you look at how the game was played after his “comment”, it makes 110% sense, that he said “wide side” to his team mates!

  9. Tsek soutie. I am from Holland and say to you Jou ma se po*s. Thus that mean I insulted you. No it meant your mothers cat. Wake up klontkop and rathers write about teaparties and cake recipies. Maybe you wil do better there because you are clearly not equipped to write about rugby.

  10. What an embarrassment to England that one of their players had to go to the ref and cry that ” he said a bad word to me ref”. This is rugby, not soccer. Get over yourself Curry.

  11. Why dont you ask a Brit or let me say a red nek who live in South Africa understanding the language just may be you Brits still living in an Empire are the rassist if you dont uderstand the language dont call us rasist.
    O po$s wat de f$k gaan nou aan met die wit cu$t ek bedoel die wit kant

    1. Oh God, really? Some people shouldn’t be aloud to express a view out loud. B dutoit seems to B atwat.

  12. Strangely, not much has been said about the death threats made against Kobus Reinach and his children. I personally think that is one C*nt/Kant that should be given more attention.

    1. Well said frank, One of the few sensible comments.

      Clear evidence on death threats towards Reinach but no let’s rather focus on hearsay.

  13. Same old same, why all of a sudden one year later he complains about about the 2022 “abuse” why not after the game, sue them

  14. For those who do not speak Afrikaans, please know this is truly not an obscure word and not something that has been used with any kind of agenda. The question was asked “waar is die ball” (where is the ball) and Bongi responded “wit kant” (white side). There is even a street in Cape Town called Buitenkant Street (direct translation ‘outside’). The vast majority of the white SA players are Afrikaans speaking, likewise Rassie and Jacques are also Afrikaans – it’s common knowledge that the team speak in Afrikaans on the field so ensure their opponents don’t understand them. In addition, c*nt is genuinely not a common swear word in SA, we leave that one to the Brits and Aussies (who have notoriously foul language!).

  15. If it all was just an Afrikaans misunderstanding, why did not Bongi just explain this either at the moment or immediately after the game?

    And why would he be directing Afrikaans instructions to Curry anyhow?

    If Bongi knew it was all innocent, he would have come forward and laughed it off.

    He did not out of fear other microphones or phone users might have audio he really does not want – so best to ride it out and see what comes up.

    1. get a life. Curry should have come forward and been man enough to say I heard it wrong. All of you palookas are all the same in conjunction with your newspapers

  16. I really thought that the English are intelligent enough to the internet, but it seems I’m mistaken. Using Google translate would “enlighten” them to discovering what Afrikaans words like “Wit Kant” means….. shame.

    1. Are you serious – “…directing Afrikaans instructions TO Curry” How ridiculous – why in all hell would Bongi direct instructions in any language TO any English player🤣

      1. you are as dumb as Curry. Bongie was alerting HIS players as to where the ball is. Some people make me want to cry

  17. an anyone believe a word you say when you can’t even write a proper paragraph.

    “There was a racist slur aimed at England flanker Tom Curry by Springbok hooker Bongi Mbonambi ‘allegedly’ that is the key word the RFU have left out and it’s a word that count cost them dearly.. “

  18. Why on earth would he give instructions to Curry?? He was talking to his Bok teammates in Afrikaans

    1. Please don’t show your total ignorance- Bongi speaks Afrikaans – it is his second language, he attended Afrikaans-medium schools… not that it is any of your business.

  19. Ed as per Charlize Theron there are only 44 Afrikaans people in SA. Bongi is definitely one of them. 😁

  20. Tell you what ask Google to translate Choose my side into Afrikaans and then say it phonetically in an English accent.
    Jou ma se …

  21. Thought this game was played by and enjoyed by men (and women), not children. Colonialist narrow view to a culture you clearly know nothing about. Let’s get on with the rugby and supporting our players maybe?

  22. Does England, or anyone else for that matter, expect the Springboks to not speak in Afrikaans, which is one of the official languages in South Africa? We do it in cricket as well. So is it racist if no-one understands ‘watter KANT toe?” Which means – to which SIDE? Somehow I dont think so. So if the pommies have an issue with us speaking Afrikaans while playing, their rugby union should send them for some lessons in Afrikasns

  23. Being called a hooker is also a slur!!! Kant means side in Afrikaans. And it sounds similar to what everyone has thought the man said. Get a life and take a it like a man.

  24. Reading these comments it seems to me a lot of people are just using this as an excuse to have an argument, without using common sense or any thought for that matter. It’s simple, Curry heard something in the heat of the game, intended insult or not, he does not speak Afrikaans, so simple mistake, but at the time he felt he was right, reported it and instead of dealing with it properly and issuing the appropriate response, the RFU just say yeah it happened but we are not going to do anything about it, that’s what the real issue is. A proper investigation and explanation, and a better worded press release would have satisfied all involved and saved you all from hate filled ridiculousness on here

  25. Curry is a experienced test player and should have known there’s a different languages in most countries . Let’s take the word “push”…..,harmless in English but have the potential to cause a gang fight in Afrikaans.
    By laying a charge not certain of the facts is childish.

  26. Well the “wit kant” lost to the “groen kant” let’s see what happens when the “groen kant” plays the “Swart kant”.

  27. What are you English going to cry until the next world cup. It’s a wonder you did not blame the umpire when you lost the cricket against SA

  28. England sooooo desperate to prove that Bongi was being racist. They need it to be true soo bad with everything they have, they want to prove something, lol. Aaaaahhh shame man, they are so desperate it’s actually sad.

  29. Grow a pair and accept that you did indeed lead the whole game but couldn’t close. South Africa shook you off and tore into you like a beast in the last 10 minutes. You were shaken to the core, lost your nerve, and lost the game…again! Then you threw a tantrum on the field at the whistle, then tried to get our player banned with a lie. You should see the derision you incur in SA. No respect for losers F U!

  30. Once I told a learner in SA speaking one of our 11 languages Afrikaans … Watter vak Wil jy eers skryf ? To me he replied “watter vak dink juffrou?” Colour/ Kleur wit side /Kant. Never been a rugby fan but when you France speak French in a game and other countries speak their language do you think that South Africa or for that matter all other countries know their mother tongue. Rest Up and Enjoy the Games.

  31. Well I’m a whitey from SA and would like to add my 2 cents: All white English players and fans are White C…nts! Sue me😂🤣😂🤣 You’re C…nts because you’re whiny, slimy little arrogant self righteous pricks who can’t live with the fact that you lost to the Boks and can’t acknowledge Bongi was speaking Afrikaans, so jou ma se P….sa

  32. Curry did not have access to Google translate and since he doesn’t speak afrikaans can’t and shouldn’t be blamed for making a complaint, even IF it was a mistake. The problem is with the process and the treatment of curry for thinking he heard abuse has been dispicable.

  33. If the ref had his time over again he would have replied: “Time off. bring on the team psychologist for a counselling session”.

    Or if he had been Welsh: “Pull of your jersey, boyo, or pull down your pants, and show me your bruises”

  34. The English crying foul over a racist remark – now I have heard it all. Your history is littered with racist, colonial oppression. Just 120 years ago you burnt and plundered our land. You are the OG colonialists who started this vicious cycle. You did the same to your very neighbours. A history of brutal oppression. A rugby field is a hard place. Whatever Curry heard would have been baited in any event. Where is the audio? Where is the altercation on video? If you are serious about sorting out the mess you left the world in, do something tangible about racism first. Otherwise this is just the pot calling the kettle black…er…white. Kant en klaar.

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