Video: PGA Tour golfer completely fails 4 foot trick-shot putt

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Mark Hubbard has produced the best golf highlight of 2021 so far and it’s hilariously a failed putt.

There was a chance this strike could’ve been one of his last shots of the day on the 9th hole and even the one of the last shots of his weekend with the player well over the cut.

He tole the GolfChannel why decided to putt the 9th hole like then when it was four yards out and on his way to a par.

“It usually makes for pretty automatic putt inside of 5 feet,” Hubbard said. “I’m a little disappointed I missed that one. I don’t miss too many of those with ‘The Snail.’”

‘The Snail’ is a bit of a strange one and Hubbard describes it as his signature move that he came up with in college at San Jose State and the stroke is not considered an illegal move.

Mark even said he’s done it multiple times before in competition with this being the first time camera’s captured the move.

A real shame in didn’t go in but it summed up his weekend at The American Express as he finished tied last and put up a second round score of 76.

Pictures courtesy of the PGA tour

You can’t win them all, the important thing is to have fun.


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