‘Secret physio’ who had steamy affairs with sports stars has them quivering as she releases details

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There’s a book due to come out this week that will have a lot of top sport stars extremely nervous.

The book titled ‘The Sports Physio’ will lift the lid on the anonymous woman’s career which saw her have relations with international footballers, top tennis players, an England cricket star, plus rugby players. Its release this weekend will undoubtedly trigger a guessing game over the identity of the physio, and the players she had dalliances with.

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“Six sports stars have contacted me this week – all eager for me not to reveal their identities,” the woman told the Daily Mail. “I told them I would never do that and their identities will go to the grave with me.”

The book declares on its cover that it is ‘sexy, thrilling, pure fantasy’ and written ‘by the anonymous woman in white’. It will go into detail about her saucy behaviour at training and major sporting events. She will also divulge an affair she had with a Hollywood star after meeting him at a boxing show.

She added: “I worked in sport for 30 years with many players and the truth is that I had sexual encounters with several of the stars of world sport. Some of the biggest names you can imagine. It’s insane how sexual the world of sport is.

“I wanted to write the book for myself, then I realised that people might enjoy reading it and, as I wrote it, I thought, ‘this is all quite sexy stuff – women will love it’.

“Sportsmen are big, strong and manly and the idea of them lusting after you, then seducing you, is very appealing. I have spared no details. It’s quite an erotic read. I certainly had a wonderful time.”

In one of the chapters, the woman reveals how she was seduced by a well-known footballer while giving him a massage.

She wrote: “He stripped down to a tiny towel and lay on my massage bed. I began to work at his muscles, kneading them gently and commenting on any knots or muscular issues I spotted along the way.


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