🚨Una Healy finally tells us exactly what went on in her relationship with David Haye & Sian Osborne

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The Tipperary singer Una Healy was speaking on a bonus episode of the popular My Therapist Ghosted Me podcast, the Saturdays star admitted that she had to ‘Google’ the word ‘throuple’ because she did not know what it meant.

“I was like, What is this? Why am I being called this name that I have never heard of and don’t know what it is.”

“I hit the like, and then as soon as I hit the like, you know when it connects straightaway… then, he straightaway messaged me saying ‘nice to connect’. I was like, ‘nice to connect too’ and then after a couple of messages, he was like, well, here’s my WhatsApp. So, then we moved to WhatsApp and then I straight out asked him, what are you looking for?”

“I am a monogamous person. Hopefully one day I will settle down again with a nice monogamous, man. So, I said to him, ‘oh, good luck with that so’. I said we can just be friends anyway,” she continued. “But then because we got on so well, I was just back and forth. [We were] chatting every day, he was sending me pictures of him and his kids and [we’d] be hours on the phone and then met in person. He was a real gentleman.”

Anytime she was working in London they would meet up but said it was “casual”.

“He was very honest that I wasn’t the only woman he was seeing,” she said, adding that it was a “bit of fun”.

David Haye and model girlfriend Sian Osborne 'used dating ...

Haye explained that Osborne was very important to him and so, he wanted the pair to meet.

“I did meet her — really nice girl and I didn’t get to know her very well. So, it wasn’t a throuple.”

Discussing their trip to Morocco that sparked the rumours, the mother of two said: “Christmas is hard for me every other year because the kids’ dad has them on Christmas Day. So, it’s sad that I’m not there when Santa Claus has arrived and I get to see the kids’ faces when they open the presents. I was like, this year — I just had it in my head that I’m getting out of the country.

“So I said it to David because he was the guy who was seen at the time and was like, ‘please will you come away with me’ and he was like ‘okay, but Sian is coming too’. I would have rathered just me and him but I was like, she’s a nice girl she can come too.”

Healy explained that she knew Osborne was very involved in Haye’s life.

When she got back to Thurles after then spending a few days with him in Costa Rica, she decided she had enough.

“Clearly, she’s not my girlfriend. He’s both our boyfriends. And it was just I was like, you know what, I’m out. This isn’t for me.”

When she got back to Thurles she was constantly seeing headlines about the so-called ‘throuple’. The rumours lead to a lot of trolling online which prompted Healy to block certain words and names from being used on her social media.

“I’ve never had to hit the block button so much,” she said.

She said that she was seeing headlines about a ‘throuple’ that was “existing in print but in reality, I’m actually at home in Thurles looking after my kids”.

However, despite the rumours, Healy added that she really enjoyed her relationship with the British boxer.

“He’s actually a really nice guy. He was very kind to me, very honest. But it ran its course. And I’ve been single ever since. I haven’t been on a date.”

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