🚨One of the Cork players called out for ‘dangerous’ play against Kilkenny .. 😬

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Cork fell just short against Kilkenny on Saturday evening at Páirc Uí Chaoimh, there was one moment in the game where Niall O’Leary stopped one of the Kilkenny players when he was though on goal. Journalist for Clare FM Derrick Lynch thinks this was a bit dirty ..

See the incident and the comments below ..

Attempted hook… players,and referees..aware of the new “batted” style finish. No cynicism or dirty play involved. Nothing to see here,move on!!

t looks to me that O’Leary did in fact have a “little touch” on the hurley and the follow through hit Walsh on the helmet

You may have a point in theory but if we send off players for every touch of the helmet with a hurley then whats left? It was a genuine attempt to pay the ball.

I love seeing Kilkenny beat Cork. It rots them altogether. Donal O’Grady had to be sedated I’d say…..

Disagree. Attempted the hook. Minimal contact in the attempt. Don’t throw the ball up in front of your face and expect not to be challenged

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