Kell Brook makes boxing retirement vow ahead of grudge match with Amir Khan

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Kell Brook has revealed that he will retire from boxing if he loses his upcoming grudge match with Amir Khan.

British fight fans have been desperate to see Brook and Khan go toe-to-toe in a boxing ring for a number of years.

It’s a shame that we’re only going to be able to see it with both fighters now beyond their respective prime years – but that’s better than never seeing it at all.

Both men have taken some notable backward steps in their careers in recent years, but they remain two of the biggest names in British boxing, hence why this fight is so big.

Still, defeat could spell the end for Kell Brook in his boxing career, so he claims. Speaking to talkSPORT, he vowed to retire from the sport if he loses.

“I don’t really think about losing.”

Kell Brook has vowed to retire from boxing if he loses to Amir Khan

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“But if we have to bring that up and, even though I can’t get that in my head that I am going to lose, but I would call it a draw.”

“End of the boxing, [gloves] to be hung up.”

Both fighters are now 35-years-old. While there is no obligation to retire at that age, you do feel as though they’re entering the territory where another defeat could spell the end.

It certainly seems as though that will be the case with Brook. His fans will be hoping that he gets the job done and moves forward in his career, rather than hanging up the gloves.

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