You won’t believe what the World Cup accommodation ‘containers’ are being used for now 😲

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The ‘containers’ that were used for fan accommodation at the Qatar World Cup are being put to amazing use post-tournament.

The mini-homes, which cost £175-a night to stay in, were so bad that the organisers gave refunds to renters after the loos in the village-like area were leaky and had horrendous queues of people waiting to use them.

However, the containers are now being put to good use, with the country donating them to Turkey and Syria so they can be used for urgent shelter amid the tragic earthquake events in the nations.

More than 50,000 lives have been lost as a result of the earthquake and Qatari officials have confirmed that the first load of shelters will be arriving next week.

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It is believed that around 10,000 of the containers will be sent to the two nations in need, with Qatar bringing the delivery date forward after seeing the damage that has been caused to the countries.

With there being so much debate about the morality of the Qatar World Cup, the country can certainly have their heads held high here, helping people devastated by such an awful disaster.

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