‘You see less of the ‘owners out’’ Gabby Agbonlahor has a pop at Manchester United fans😬

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Gabby Agbonlahor has criticised Manchester united fans for only protesting against the Glazer family when the club is playing poorly.

The former Aston Villa striker has once again criticised Manchester United fans for their failure to criticise the owners of the club when their team is playing well.

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The Manchester United fanbase has been extremely vocal over the years about their dislike of the Glazer family. At one stage, there seemed to be protests almost every week but that has quietened down.

Speaking on talkSPORT Agbonlahor has openly criticised the fans for not speaking out when they’re winning.

“It’s funny because whenever Manchester United are going through a bad spell, you know, you hear it more don’t you? About the owners and the protests,” he said.

“When they start doing better, you see less of it on social media, less of the ‘oh we want the owners out’.

“A lot of the fanbase have spoken about it. Gary Neville’s been big on it as well, that he wants these owners out.

“The stadium needs a lot of work done on it. They need a Haaland. Harry Kane might cost £70/£80 million but they need money in that squad to really compete against Manchester City and Arsenal for the next few seasons.”

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