WWE fighter morale currently at an all-time low – here’s why

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Morale in the WWE is at an all-time low following the 2022 edition of the Royal Rumble, according to reports.

Those on the WWE’s payroll have been forced to endure considerable uncertainty as the company made mass cuts in order to ensure its survival in the unfavourable financial climate created by the coronavirus pandemic.

You could understand if fighters were not entirely content seeing their friends and colleagues walk out the door, all while wondering whether it could be their own P45 in the post next.

However, the current depression among those on the WWE roster is not understood to have anything to do with that, rather the direction in which the WWE is heading in.

According to reports, there are a fair few WWE wrestlers who are “discouraged and disappointed,” feeling as though the company is focused entirely on just a handful of wrestlers and nothing else matters.

Vince McMahon ought to get a grip on this situation early doors, else it could spiral into a full-blown crisis.