Ex-WWE writer raises concerns over Vince McMahon’s controversial strategy

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Vince Russo has urged WWE chief Vince McMahon to give his performers more creative freedom.

McMahon has been under the microscope this week following the huge number of releases from the WWE.

Partnered with that, Jon Moxley’s recently published autobiography has raised concerns over fighter welfare within the company.

It’s on that topic of conversation that former WWE writer Vince Russo has taken aim at McMahon and his rigid treatment of his fighters.

Russo is quoted by sportskeeda saying, “Here’s the mentality: 90% of that roster, maybe more, they’re independent contractors, but yet they’re putting their futures and their livelihood in the hands of Vincent Kennedy McMahon.”

Vince McMahon’s script strategy has been criticised by former WWE writer Vince Russo

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“No, bro, that future and livelihood should be in your hands. You’re an independent contractor… it should be in your hand.”

“You’re putting everything in their basket and in him [Vince McMahon]. ‘Here’s the promo, you’re saying exactly this.’ I know I can’t curse, but it’s a** backwards.”

McMahon’s monopoly over script production is an issue that needs to be addressed. He would do well to afford his fighters more creative freedom, which would be a useful way to improve morale behind the scenes.

Russo has made a case for WWE fighters to leave the company of their own accord and look to move somewhere where they will be given the chance to express themselves…

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