Why WWE’s official word on mass release doesn’t add up

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John Laurinaitis, head of talent relations for the WWE, has provided an ‘official’ reason for the 18 releases on Thursday.

The WWE world has been left releasing by the shock departures of several of its stars. Keith Lee, Nia Jax and Karrion Kross were among the most surprising performers to be given the boot.

You probably could have guessed that there was financial motivation behind the decision to let all 18 depart. John Laurinaitis has confirmed that to be the case in an email.

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That doesn’t entirely add up, however. There’s no denying that the WWE has suffered from the adverse effects of the pandemic, but the company is beginning to recover.

Earlier on the day that it was announced 18 fighters would be leaving amid ‘budget cuts’, the company confirmed that they have seen a 15% increase in revenue.

That’s not to say for certain that the financial crisis within the WWE has been resolved in its entirety, but they really ought to get their stories aligned if they’re to avoid fan backlash in situations of this kind.