WWE legend returns to training ahead of proposed comeback

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WWE legend Ric Flair has revealed that he is back in training ahead of making a return to wrestling at the grand old age of 73-years-old.

Ric Flair is one of the most renowned wrestlers ever to have lived. If he were to disappear off the map from now until death, people would still talk about him in the interim.

Yet still, Flair’s hunger for wrestling does not appear to have lost any intensity as he enters his elder years and enjoys his fortune. He has no intention of putting his feet up.

Twelve years after making his previous appearance in the wrestling ring, which was another post-retirement comeback, Flair has revealed that he has returned to training.

How Ric Flair walked away from deadly plane crash and wrestled entire life  with broken back to become one of WWE's best | The Sun
Ric Flair (pictured) has revealed that he has returned to training ahead of a comeback

Quoted by The Sun, Flair said, “Steamboat coming back makes me want to come back again. I went back up to Lincoln and started training again. What else is there to do?”

Whether anyone actually wants to see 73-year-olds in the wrestling ring for anything other than a cameo is something that Vince McMahon will likely be considering.

There’d be an initial buzz seeing Ric Flair back in action, of course, but could he keep up with his younger counterparts? All due respect, the answer is a pretty obvious one…