REVEALED: The highest-earning fighters in the history of the WWE

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The 24 richest WWE superstars have been revealed in a report published by The Sun.

Whether it be through their slices of the WWE PPV pie, or via other avenues such as starring in Hollywood blockbusters, it’s no great secret that the biggest names in wrestling have made a pretty penny for themselves in their respective careers.

The exact details of their earnings and net worths have previously not been compared against each other in the manner in which The Sun have through the production of a recent graphic the tabloid shared.

Said graphic has ‘The Rock’ comfortably top of the pile in terms of wrestlers’ net worth, with most of that cash presumably having been earned in his acting career, but even he can’t compare to WWE chief Vince McMahon.

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All due respect to McMahon and his vast achievements in his career, there will be those who question why he has still around stinking the place out when he has a $1.6bn [£1.2bn] fortune to enjoy.

The 76-year-old ought to buy an island and put his feet up, rather than (allegedly) ruffling feathers behind the scenes at the WWE and causing a considerable downturn in fighter morale.

That’s a matter for another day, though…

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