WWE Throwback: CM Punk fired from the company on his wedding day

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CM Punk really was fired from the WWE on his wedding day, as the wrestling legend previously revealed in an interview.

CM Punk’s stock is on the rise once again after his decision to end a seven-year absence from wrestling and sign up for the AEW. The 43-year-old made his debut with the company back in August.

With the veteran now back on the scene, it seems like a good time to reflect on the manner in which his WWE release came about, or rather the day that it did.

CM Punk previously revealed on the Art of Wrestling podcast with Colt Cabana that he was delivered the dreaded paperwork in the post on the day of his wedding.

“The day of my wedding, I got a FedEx in the mail. It was my termination papers. I was fired. I was fired on my wedding day.”

“Very calculated, very deliberate. As much as I chuckled at it and didn’t let it affect my day, I was once again, you pushed too f****** far. You pushed the wrong guy.”

CM Punk was sacked by the WWE on the day of his wedding

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“The letter was ridiculous. It was ‘your contract is terminated, you forfeit all of your royalty rights, you’re in breach of contract as of January 27’.”

“I’m not even a f****** lawyer and I know you can’t claim retro breach, you know what I mean? If I was in breach of contract on January 27, on January 28 they had to be, like, ‘you’re in breach of contract, we’re not giving you your royalties.'”

(Quotes via sportskeeda)

Not to suggest that CM Punk was exempt from blame when it comes to the bitter nature of his WWE departure, but that is really poor form from Vince McMahon and co.

To launch a deliberate attempt to try and taint the wedding day of a man who gave his best years to the WWE is classless – but not at all surprising…

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