Guinea vs Morocco World Cup qualifier postponed after military coup attempt and reports of gunfire in the city

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A World Cup qualifier between Guinea vs Morocco was postponed last night after the military attempted to seize control of the country.

On the night where Brazil vs Argentina was called off after officials stormed the pitch to detain players who had broken COVID-19 protocols, we didn’t foresee that it would be only be the second biggest controversy in World Cup qualifying.

However, as is reported by The Sun, after the Moroccan squad arrived in the Guinean capital to compete in the Qatar 2022 fixture, they quickly had to be evacuated after reports of gunfire.

Guinean soldiers pose with the president, who was arrested during the coup

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The Guinean military later appeared on national TV to announce they were attempting to seize control of the country. Needless to say, the game wasn’t able to go ahead.

The fixture will now be rescheduled and it’s likely that there will need to be a new venue, with the Morocco team unlikely to want to return to a country in such a precarious position.

Nobody can accuse the international break of being boring ever again…