Why Ed Sheeran Could Destroy Cork & Munster fans this Summer

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The 31 year old Musician is hugely popular and loved in Ireland, but he definitely won’t be loved by a lot of Cork GAA and Munster rugby fans if both Cork and Munster go crashing out of the All-Ireland and Champions Cup in the coming weeks.

Cork are set to take on Clare in Thurles next weekend at Semple Stadium and Munster are due to take on Toulouse at the Aviva Stadium on the 7th of May. It’s a huge match for both teams and one they dare not to lose you can check out the latest on online Irish casino games.

If both Cork and Munster lose Ed Sheeran will be seen as the blame. Especially if Munster lose, the fans and player have a special connection to Thomond Park and the Aviva Stadium is simply not the same.

We live in an era of post Covid, where the pandemic caused havoc on everything that we took for granted in our lives. So decisions were made at that time to win back some of the cash that has been lost over those two years, due to the empty stadiums.

Cork GAA are in desperate need of cash, particularly when they built a stadium that they simply couldn’t afford. Ed Sheeran is a guaranteed sell out and merchandise on top. It’s an opportunity that the county board couldn’t say no to. The Cork hurlers do traditionally love playing at Semple Stadium, but if they lose to Clare next weekend, their summer is over!

When has one individual caused as much havoc on an Irish summer as Ed Sheeran? It’s crunch time at the moment in the rugby and trophy’s are being handed out and there’s no doubt Munster would have a munch better chance at Thomond Park against last years winners Toulouse.

Whoever made the decision of Ed Sheeran in Limerick for the 7th of May must have been praying that this wouldn’t come to pass.

If Cork lose to Clare, the rebels summer will be over in May! There would be war all over the county and heads would roll. Ed Sheeran will be used as the stick to beat, it’s already caused trouble in the Cork and Kerry game.

I hope for Ed Sheeran and whoever organised the dates as the same date that both Cork and Munster pull off wins. Otherwise may God help the person that is responsible and Gold help poor Ed Sheeran who is stuck in the middle of this mess.

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