Why Deluded Brendan Has Taken Twitter By Storm

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We’ve all heard of the hilarious Twitter account, Deluded Brendan, and if you haven’t then where have you been?

It’s brilliant use of Brendan Rodgers laughable personality has gained the parody account a Twitter following now pushing 260 thousand.


The account cleverly adopts the personality of the ‘Deluded’ Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers who football fans everywhere love to take the piss out of.

Whether it’s having a back and forth with Tesco or posting Mario Ballotelli’s GCSE results Deluded Brendan is 140 characters of endless laughs and it’s here to stay.

As the season unfolds we are guaranteed to be entertained with it’s limitless supply of ‘Character’ but not everybody is a fan though and some high profile accounts such as Southampton’s Official Twitter account and Raheem Sterling are just a few to block the popular parody. (They obviously don’t have character.)

Love it or hate it Deluded Brendan is a hit and it’s certainly one to watch as the season unfolds and it is well worth a follow.

Check out some of Deluded Brendan’s Tweets below:

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