Who will go down as the greatest tennis player of all time?

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The age old question of which makes the better player consistency or the player that can beat you on your best day, but not be always consistent. Case in point, Paul Scholes was consistently good week in week out when Manchester United needed him to win Premier League, where as Steven Gerrard might not have turned up every week, but he turned up on the big occasions and delivered when he’s team needed him the most. A.K.A the Champions League final in 2005 against AC Milan in Istanbul.

There’s no doubt that we have seen three of the best Tennis players/athletes of our time in Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic and you have to give a special mention to Andy Murray who managed to win three Grand Slams in a time of greatness up against those three. But if you were asked who was the best out of the three of them, the obvious answer is how many Grand Slams they have won? Is that the obvious question though?

One of the biggest Rivalries we have ever seen in any sport was between Federer and Nadal, luckily and timely for Novak Djokovic he came along later as the two greats were going toe to toe in Grand Slams, one classic that instantly comes to mind was the 2008 Wimbledon final. Legendary tennis commentator Andrew Castle has described that famous 2008 Wimbledon final as the tennis match that “changed the game”.

Speaking to Betway about covering Wimbledon this summer, Castle touched upon that classic encounter between Federer and Nadal, before moving on to praise the play of Djokovic.

“That match changed the game,” he says. “The gold standard of tennis improved in one match. They pushed each other to mad limits.

“I remember it was Tim Henman’s first Wimbledon final as a commentator. We both sat there in the commentary box in shock and awe.

“Of course, since then there have been more, mainly featuring Djokovic. He has just quietly won five Wimbledons – I remember the 2018 semi-final against Nadal, particularly. Another mind-boggling match.

“Nadal with his determination and muscularity is genius, but I have to say I think I’ve seen the best tennis come from Novak’s racquet. He came to the party slightly after the other two, but I think he might have been the most remarkable.”

Novak is on 19 Grand Slams, Rafael Nadal 20 and Roger Federer is also on 20 when these three retire they will leave quite a legacy. But who will finish on the most and will that define them as the best of all time? In this writers opinion, Nadal will always be the best while he might not always have been the most consistent, largely due to the injuries he picked up by the power style of his game. When it mattered, when he was in his prime he always found a way to beat the best.

Would you agree?

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