What has to happen for Ireland to Qualify for a World Cup Again.

Ireland had a tough opening to their World Cup qualifying to say the least. A spirited effort against Serbia at the Red Star Stadium going down three gaols to two and one of the worst losses ever in Irish football losing at home to Luxenburg at the Aviva Stadium.

Who do we blame Stephen Kenny? Really? Changing the manager is that really going to do anything, Irish football has been suffering for a long time now and the time is long overdue to do something about it. And with Portugal as the next Competitive game for Ireland where you can get your odds for the game with interac betting sites.  The Premier League was alway a breading ground for Irish players, but with the globalisation of the Premier League the way has been blocked for many a good Irish or indeed British player to Achieve their full potential. So what do we do? I would suggest why not look at other sporting bodies in Ireland and see how they are bringing through their players.

A prime example for this is the IRFU, rugby in Ireland is one of the lowest played sports, big viewership granted and following, but very view actually play the game. But yet Ireland are alway highly competitive at the very highest level in the game, rugby granted does have far less teams in the global game, all the same you can’t take away the success that Ireland has had in the rugby.

What I would suggest is, and this is going to sound mad and upset many the League of Ireland fan as it did upset the club rugby fan when the provinces effectively replaced the club game in Ireland. Why not go the provincial route in football in Ireland as they did the rugby? Football or soccer in Ireland is the highest participated game in the country, even more so than the GAA. We have the players and there’s no reason Ireland can’t put a good eleven out on the pitch to be competitive and a lot better than we currently doing.

I would suggest for example turn Turner Cross into a centre of excellent for the best players in Munster and something similar in Dublin, Galway and Belfast and see if we could create a Munster, Leinster, Connaught and Ulster team and see if we could enter all of them into one of the leagues in England and work their way up. Mad I know, but the very definition of mad is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

It’s about high time also that Ireland played as one in football as they do in the rugby, it makes no sense if the rugby can do, why can’t the football do it. Politics aside both the Republic and the North of Ireland failed to win either of their opening games in their World Cup Qualifiers. George Best the best player this island has ever produced was in favour of a United Ireland football team, like the rugby. Let’s make it happen and even if you don’t agree with me over the clubs and turning it in to provincial let’s start thinking outside the box. Because it’s clear to see now that we can’t rely on the Premier League to promote our players anymore.

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