(Video) West Ham fans sing racially abusive song to Jewish man on flight to Belgium

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West Ham United supporters have been filmed appearing to sing a racially offensive song at a Jewish man ahead of a flight to Belgium on Thursday.

The Hammers have a long-standing hatred for Tottenham, one which has seen use of the Y-word become common practice within the fanbase. It is worth noting that they are not the only club who can be accused of misuse of the word.

Though it was previously deemed acceptable to use racial slurs to poke fun at their rivals, society has moved forward.

Unfortuntely, there are still some who are living in the stone age, with a video having gone viral of West Ham’s classic “running round Tottenham” song being sung in the direction of an orthodox jew on an airplane.

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It’s incredible to think there are other fans on the flight laughing and singing along as the man has racially abused in front of everyone. An entire flight of people, and NOBODY stood up for him.

Racism is so deeply rooted into English football that even in this day and group of fans on an airplane can unprovokedly racially abuse a jewish man and nobody bats an eyelid. What an utter, utter disgrace.

We can only hope that the individuals in the video are swiftly identified and banned from ever attending a football match again. West Ham should not allow these ignorants to be associated with their club.