Ticketless England fans bribed Wembley stewards for as little as £20 at Euro 2020 final

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An England fan has revealed that some stewards manning the turnstiles for Sunday’s Euro 2020 final were bribed for as little as £20, report the Guardian.

Just by watching the scenes unfold on the television, you could see that Wembley was over the planned capacity.

While restrictions surrounding sporting events are beginning to loosen, there was a complete absence of social distancing on Sunday evening.

While, as is mentioned in the report by the Guardian, there were some who entered Wembley by force, for others it was far more straightforward.

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Wembley was significantly over capacity for the Euro 2020 final

The Guardian have spoken to an unnamed England fan who detailed various scenarios in which those who turned up without tickets were able to gain access.

He reveals that stewards were allowing supporters into the stadium for as little as £20, with the fan interviewed by the Guardian getting in as part of a five-man party who paid a steward £200.

“A lot of stewards seemed more than willing to help. We offered one £200 to let five of us in. At about quarter to seven we were waiting for the steward’s mate to show up and that’s when we saw a disabled door open so we just ran through.”

Much has been made of the security breaches caused by fan violence, but it’s arguably more concerning that many were allowed to walk in uncontested after paying paltry sums.

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