WATCH: This Ghanaian TV Presenter Reading Premier League Results Is Pure Gold

If you’re a fan of football you’ll be familiar with that dreary voice that reads out the football scores on Sky Sports News at the weekend.

Well, there’s a new guy in town and he comes from Ghanaian TV station UTV Ghana.

Footage of the news presenter reading out football scores first surfaced online in a Twitter account and since being published has racked up millions of views.

The man to thank for all of this is UTV Ghana presenter Akrobeto.

The idea is simple, Akrobeto reads out the results of the most recent Premier League fixtures but unfortunately for Akrobeto he hasn’t proof read the team names or spelt them out phonetically.

Thankfully for us this results in a hilarious (satirical) presentation as the host struggles with some of the more difficult team names such as West Bromwich Albion.

One thing we can say is Akrobeto is the best dressed football TV presenter out there as he done a full tuxedo for his presentations.

By: Rowan Meegan  ?follow @rowanmeegan

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