WATCH: The fastest shot ever recorded in football history

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Every football fan loves a good thunderbolt strike but some shots are so powerful they’ve evolved into thunderbastards.

The winner of the coveted ‘fastest shot ever recorded’ belongs to Brazilian midfielder Ronny Heberson who set the record in 2006.

The strike was never measured officially but according to some sources and YouTube videos, the Brazilian holds the record for the fastest ever shot thanks to a stunning strike during a Portuguese league match in 2006 for Sporting Lisbon.

The estimated speed of the strike is 210/211 km/hr. See for yourself below.

If you enjoyed that then here are the Top 10 and keep a close eye because if you blink you’ll miss them.

And here’s another absolute peach by Ronny for Hertha Berlin when he was substituted into the game before he hammered in a 119 km/h freekick with his first touch of the ball for the 1:1 equaliser against Hannover.