WATCH: Joe Rogan reveals rumours of another Conor McGregor MEGA-FIGHT.. This would be SAVAGE.!!

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Joe Rogan is a HUGE Conor McGregor fan and there is one man in the UFC that he would like the Dublin born brawler to face..

McGregor has faced Nate Diaz on two occasions already before and in that time a serious rivalry developed between the two camps which culminated in the infamous bottle throwing incident and their main event at UFC 202.

McGregor vs Diaz two was seen as such a ferocious match that it was this week named in the the Top 10UFC fights of all time.. For this reason many experts have tipped a McGregor vs Diaz III fight but it seems that Joe Rogan has other things on his mind.

Speaking directly after UFC 202 Joe Rogan explained that he would love to see a bout between Nick Diaz and McGregor at the featherweight level.. Even though very soon after it was confirmed that McGregor would fight Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 Rogan did not rule out a fight between McGregor and Nick Diaz in the near future..

‘Man, I had heard some crazy rumour that I had hoped was true, that they were gonna try and set up Nick vs Conor. I’m like, ‘my god, that would break the world.’

Do you know like, how insane the hype would be, for a Nick Diaz vs Conor McGregor fight? I mean, can you even imagine??’

Just to make things clear Nick has never fought at 155lbs and his last fight was at a massive 185lbs, we would still love to see that fight! Would you be as excited as Joe Rogan if it ever did come about..?