WATCH: Jamie Carragher Roasts Wayne Rooney About His Hair Live On MNF

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The banter was in full swing on Monday Night Football last night and it was two scouser who were battling it out.

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher and current Everton striker Wayne Rooney were the two dishing out the insults but it was the MNF pundit who came out on top.

It all began when Rooney was chatting to Carragher and guest pundit John Terry live in studio after Everton’s 3-1 home win over Swansea.

It all began when Rooney mentioned that he’d seen a picture on social media of Carragher, Terry and David Jones posing on the Monday Night Football set.

Rooney said “I’ve seen when you were in your casual gear. I have to say JT was looking OK but Carra your top was horrendous!”

It didn’t take long for Carragher to respond though as he replied in a flash with a comment about Rooney’s famous hairline by saying “A bit like you hairline!”

The comment nearly went unnoticed but luckily a few viewers picked up on it.