WATCH: Cameroon Screwed By Referee After Ridiculous Sending Off

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Check out this outrageous moment from the Confederations Cup match between Germany and Cameroon when the referee wrongfully sent off Cameroon’s Sebastien Siani.

Siani was given a straight red for a challenge made on Emre Can by his teammate Ernest Mabouka.

The challenge was a 50/50 ball and both Mabouka and Can had their legs high but the Cameroon man was given his marching orders after the referee consulted the VAR system and realised he had sent off the wrong man.

Ernest Mabouka RED CARD HD – Germany vs… by wc2018

Moments after the incident Germany doubled their lead after a tidy finish by Timo Werner in the 67th minute.

Timo Werner GOAL HD – Germany 2-0 Cameroon 25… by claytonashurst