‘Wash yourself’ – Conor McGregor roasts Kelvin Gastelum over face injury😬

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Conor McGregor went in on Kelvin Gastelum after the middleweight posted a picture of his horrific mouth injury. 

Although the Irishman has been absent from the octagon, he has still kept his presence online. He has been more active than ever on social media, posting about his personal life and teasing a UFC return.

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McGregor torched UFC middleweight Gastelum when he posted a picture of his recent face injury on Instagram.

“Absolute scruff this thing is,” McGregor wrote in an Instagram story. “That’s full on staph infection all over his f—ing face. A full f—ing hole omg and it’s his second time to attempt to enter competition like this.

“WTF! Clean your mats,” McGregor concluded. “Wash yourself. F—ing go to the doctor! Scruff.”

McGregor claimed that Gastelum has a staph infection due to the hole on the side of his face. These infections are caused by bacteria gathering on your skin, it is very common amongst fighters due to the perspiration leftover on the mats.

This is why gyms undergo such a thorough cleaning routine in between sessions. Staph infections can also be contagious which is why McGregor scolded Gastelum for attempting to enter a competition with it.

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