🚨Welsh fans are raging this morning over shocking call against the Springboks ..

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Welsh fans aren’t happy this morning as there was a try given that clearly shouldn’t have been given ..

Have a look at it below with some of the comments underneath ..

Try given
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This entire match was miserable to watch, we increase TMO intervention, this is after we decided to change scrum laws because it “slows the game” then we have TMO slowing the game down to a fucking crawl only to miss obvious shit anyway. So what was the point then, except for making it more miserable to watch?

Yes, strange call. All round strange officiating in this game

I’m very sympathetic to referees (guess what I do at an amateur level) but that decision was woeful.

Forward from the hands, catches it a good two yards in front

Given the TMO spent most of the second half giving the impression he was paid by the intervention, absolutely baffling

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  1. Only idiotic Welsh are raging about that pass. If we were a decent side it would never have got to that pass. It’s more concerning about the dangerous play that the officials allowed. I am Welsh and have proudly supported and watched rugby all my life. Unfortunately it has now come to the point where I can no longer watch some of our dismal regions nor our under skilled national side.

    1. Look at the advertising board from where he passed the ball to when it was caught yards torward not feet

  2. I agree ! Forward pass by a mile. Said it at the time and was surprised nothing happened.

  3. Let’s call a spade a spade. It was a forward pass, no doubt. Why the tv ref allowed that goes beyond me.
    If this happened to the Boks in a close game I would be seriously upset.

    1. Yes I agree, a really close game?? But in fairness it was a forward pass. If you ignore the fact they are running forward at pace and it was never ahead of the player that passed it. Can’t remember the technical term.
      Faf was given forward because he was running sideways at the time. But I digress, the thing that really make rugby boring nowadays is the fact that any supporter that loses on the day just starts to whinge and whine and throw there toys out of the cot. Win or lose live with it. You might be astounded to know that there isn’t actually a conspiracy against your teams.

  4. I agree, that pass was a mile forward and even if it was my team, it is still forward. This entire law about ball drifting and then gets caught in front of the point where it left the passing players hands is ludicrous. If you receive the ball beyond the passing point it should be forward, end of story, no interpretation needed of where the hand was pointing etc. Forward is forward!!! My two cents…

  5. Later in the Game I thought South African hooker Bongi Mbonabi deliberately head butted Welsh prop Gareth Thomas in the head. It was also a no arms tackle. I thought a straight red card should have been issued. I am not sure what if any punishment was issued, however Gareth Thomas had to leave the field & I don’t think he returned.

  6. I am a Bok supporter, agreed terrible decision, but the ref’s are clueless, the time they wasted on the supposedly high tackles, were stupid, and then they are judging the same thing differently. A lot of those headbutts were guys ducking into each other, not on purpose !!!!!!!!!!

  7. This was 1 of how many tries that the Springboks scored? Let’s not pretend that it would have made much difference to the final result. In saying that, it’s worrying and infuriating that these referees and TMOs who have such a pivotal role in the outcome of each game, can miss errors as obvious as this. Especially when they’re rewinding and reviewing ruck and maul contact situations and deeming (what used to be called a good clean out) to be either a shoulder charge or illegal contact. We need to go back to old-school in the moment rugby;

  8. The old guard governing rugby must retire so that hard honest rugby may return and once again become a joyful spectator sport. Wrong side of ruck, rake him away, not stomp, allow propper scrum engagement with propper hits etc etc. Rugby has become a sissy game.

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