🚨Calls for England vs Wales to be replayed as George Ford Incident went unpenalised .. 😬

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England managed to get the win in the end yesterday against the determined Welsh side. But some of the Welsh fans feel that they should have got a penalty right at the death when George Ford took out one of the Welsh players in the air ..

See the incident and the comments below ..

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As a Welshman, agree it’s a clear pen. Would it have made a difference? We’ll never know. But one of several questionable decisions which we as arm chair pundits always focus on. No doubt some went our way too. Part of any game and ref was good overall I thought.

This was very frustrating at the time – I am sure it would have come to nothing but having checked it I don’t really get why the ref doesn’t give a penalty to Wales. Makes no sense. Clear foul

Well after the soft peno try, 2 yellow cards that weren’t yellow cards and the ref giving you everything at the breakdown, I’m sure you’ll get over this one thing occurring deep in your own half not going your way

I’m a big fan of George Ford, but he knows exactly what he’s doing there.
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  1. As a former ref I thought Ford was a bit cynical….as for the YC comments and penalty try, refs have the Laws and guidelines, if you collapse the maul – penalty, if it would have resulted in a try, then penalty try, we go to cards for multiple infringements (especially in the 22) because its probably cynical too, sorry if its too complicated…

    1. It’s not complicated at all. If you take a player out in the air, it’s a penalty. If that player falls on the ground and breaks his neck in the process, it can go up for referral and you can issue a yellow card.

    2. Always a yellow card when awarding a penalty try, if the player can be identified… Und the rules, the Chessum yellow card was also justified because he made contact with the players head and with force. The Ford decision however was inexplicable.. Whilst I’m not too sure about intent, as he may have simply lost his bearings chasing the high ball, intent is not relevant, only the actual outcome. So in this case, a penalty to Wales but no yellow card.

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