Videos: Someone has rated every one of Jamie Carragher’s “pause……there” from Monday Night Football and it’s glorious

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It’s well known that Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher have a very unique and brilliantly entertaining relationship and the job they do on Monday Night Football is always top notch.

The two have gone full circle from battling it out on the football pitch to butting heads in the studio as the two analyse Premier League games for Sky Sports.

Differences aside the two former professional footballers have found new life in punditry and they have become football’s most unexpected tag-team and fans love to see it.

There’s also another very important factor in Carragher and Neville’s delivery of their top quality punditry and that’s the big screen that the duo use for their replays and analysis.

Well someone has gone and rated all of Jamie Carragher best “pause……THERE!” moments and it was so good that even Carragher shared it himself on Twitter.

Thread courtesy of Jamie Carragher via Twitter

There are eleven clips in total that are ranked from 1-10 of just how good Carra’s “pause……THERE!”are.

See for yourself below and it’s worth going through the whole thread.

Thread courtesy of Joel Hooke via Twitter

Videos courtesy of Sky Sports Premier League via Twitter

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