VIDEO: ‘Yes men and stooges’; Donal Óg calls it like he sees it on Sunday Game

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Cork man Donal Óg Cusack had some home truths for the GAA community in the Rebel county last night on the Sunday Game.

The ex-Cork goalkeeper made no attempt to hide his frustration with the hurling structures in his home county, after watching them suffer a at the hand of Galway yesterday.

He pointed the finger of blame firmly at firmly at Frank Murphy. secretary of the Cork County Board since 1972.

“There are people who need to take serious responsibility for this result today, and of course, yes, Frank Murphy is the Don of (Cork) GAA,” Cusack said.

Presenter Des Cahill attempted to challenge that particular allusion, but Cusack was only hitting his stride.

“This weekend has been a particularly bad weekend for hurling in Cork,” he continued.

“I think there is a group of people around Frank, a group of stooges and yes men, and I’m not sure they’re telling Frank as to how bad things are.”

Cusack was willing to spread the blame around, with Cork clubs and the players themselves also in his sights.

“The clubs are not doing what they should be responsible for doing,” he insisted.

“They (the players) actually remind me of schoolchildren who are lying in bed and hoping someone is going to come along and call them in case they’re going to be late for school. They’re actually asleep in Rome while Rome burns.”

He acknowledged that Murphy and everyone else wanted Cork to win, but felt they lacked the expertise to make it happen.

“Frank would give his arm for Cork to win, and the group around him. They know as much about serious level sport as I do about the sleeping habits of the Ayatollah.”

Cusack called for the appointment of a Director of Hurling in the county, who would be given five years to carry out a root and branch investigation of hurling structures at all levels – and there were plenty of viewers in full agreement with him.

If you missed yesterday’s Sunday Game you can watch it back on the RTE Player.

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