(Video) Viral clip could explain why Salt Bae was invited on to the World Cup pitch πŸ˜‘

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A video of Gianni Infantino and Salt Bae together could explain why the Turkish chef was given VIP access at the World Cup final.

Argentina beat France after a heart-racing and incredible World Cup final last weekend. The win secured the South American side their third World Cup and put a neat bow on top of Lionel Messi’s illustrious career.

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But while the squad were justly celebrating on the pitch, a short tan man with a ponytail could be seen pestering all the players. Was he a friend or maybe family?

Neither, it was Salt Bae, who was somehow granted access to the pitch.

The Turkish chef could be seen following the trophy around grasping at any opportunity for a clout-enhancing photo shoot.

The Argentina players seemed bothered by his presence, which resulted in many awkward meetings, including this one with Messi.

But since the incident occurred a video has emerged of both Salt Bae and Infantino together at one of the 39-year-old many restaurants.

FIFA have now launched an investigation into how exactly Salt Bae was allowed onto the pitch.

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