Video: Underdog Lara destroyed Josh Warrington with 9th round KO

22 year old Mexican fighter Mauricio Lara has just made his mark on the world of boxing with his stunning upset victory over the previously unbeaten English fighter Josh Warrington in the 9th round.

From the very beginning of the 9th round Mauricio Lara was going in for the kill, every punch he threw had knockout power behind it and he wanted to finish Josh badly.

Josh took multiple shots tot he head that seemed to rock him but it was a combo that featured one right hook to his body and then a left hook into his face that put Josh to sleep.

Doctors were immediately called in and the now 30-1 fighter had to use oxygen inside the ring as well. An unexpected upset but a completely deserved win for the Mexican underdog.

What next for Warrington who is still ranked No.1 in the world featherweight rankings? Should he rematch Lara or find a new opponent?

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