Video: Twitter goes into meltdown after Aston Villa manager Dean Smith’s silky first touch

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Twitter has erupted with praise for Aston Villa manager Dean Smith after the 49-year-old pulled off a silky touch on the sideline during Villa’s away future to Manchester City in the Premier League.

Smith was spotted pulling off the move by plenty of people at home watching the game on TV and even by the official BT match commentator Steve McManaman who said it should be on the TV.

Video courtesy of BT Sport via Twitter
Video courtesy of BT Sport via Twitter

Following the event Twitter exploded with comments of praise for Smith as not only is it severely wet at the Etihad Stadium but the Villa manager managed to take the ball down in black leather shoes.

One person said ‘Dean Smith – generational talent’ while another said ‘Dean Smith was the best player on the pitch.’

One thing is for sure, the firs-half of the game wasn’t incredibly entertaining but Smith’s moment in the spotlight was very much appreciated.

Here are some of the other comments left on Twitter. Read below.

All tweets courtesy of Twitter
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