Video: TV reporter robbed at gunpoint outside football stadium in Ecuador

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Check out this horrifying moment when an Ecuadorian TV presenter gets robbed at gunpoint while doing a broadcast outside a football stadium, reports The Sun.

Ecuadorian journalist Diego Ordinola was reporting for DirecTV Sports when he and his crew found themselves at gunpoint when a man approached them asking for their phones and cameras.

The incident occurred outside the Isidro Romero Carbo Monumental Stadium – home of club Barcelona SC and was all captured on camera.

Video courtesy of Diego Ordinola via Twitter

While filming their segment, Ordinola and his crew were suddenly interrupted by a member of the public wearing a mask and baseball cap and also welding a gun.

According to Explica, one of the crew members handed over his phone before the man ran off and fled on a motorcycle.

Thankfully nobody was hurt but the terrifying moment has been retweeted over 6,000 times on Diego Ordinola’s account.

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