(Video) Moroccan fighter Youness Baalla attempts to bite his opponent at Tokyo 2020

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Moroccan fighter Youness Baalla clearly takes inspiration from boxing legend Mike Tyson, having attempted to BITE New Zealand’s David Nyika at Tokyo 2020.

Boxing is one event in particular that many like to take notice of at the Olympics, with many of the fighters on show going on to enjoy successful professional boxing careers.

Anthony Joshua is perhaps the most notable, current example of that.

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It remains to be seen if Morocco’s Youness Baalla will have a successful boxing career, but you can be sure that people will remember his name, after he attempted to bite his opponent at Tokyo 2020.

During a defeat to New Zealand’s David Nyika, Baalla quite clearly tried to bite his competitor’s ear, and remarkably, was not disqualified, with the fight allowed to continue until its climax.

You can see the incident here. What on Earth was Baalla thinking, with the cameras and eyes of the world on the fight?

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