(Video) TikTok superstar Bryce Hall battered in a boxing ring, KSI loves to see it

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TikTok superstar Bryce Hall got DESTROYED by YouTuber Austin McBroom in a boxing event in Miami.

While the hardcore boxing fans oftentimes show their resistance against influencers stepping through the ropes, there can be no doubting that it’s bringing eyes to the sport.

A love and understanding for the sport of boxing is being developed in a demographic which previously wouldn’t have been possible – which can only be considered a positive.

Plus, there’s the added bonus of seeing detestable, self-obsessed TikTokers get the stuffing beaten out of them, with Bryce Hall providing a service for all of mankind overnight.

Hall, who has 20M followers on TikTok and is the ex-boyfriend of Addison Rae, was beaten until he was bloody by YouTuber Austin McBroom, with the referee stepping in to stop it.

Pictures courtesy of livexlive

With Hall having called out KSI ahead of the fight, with the expectation he was going to be triumphant, the YouTuber-cum-rapper took to Instagram to laugh in the face of the American.

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