(Video) This linesman was NOT HAPPY with having to give this offside 😂

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Watch this linesman’s hilarious reaction to giving what was an avoidable offside in a women’s football match.

It’s not a rare occurrence to see players at all levels have moments of madness and make the wrong pass or stand blatantly offside, but this linesman’s reaction during a women’s match surely cannot be topped.

The team in question had themselves a corner that was played short and with the corner taker asking for the pass back, the linesman was gesturing for her to not make the pass as the pair approached the penalty area.

The player made the pass back to her team mate who was in an offside position and the linesman couldn’t hide his disappointment at having to give the decision for a pass that was always likely to be penalised.

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It’s a reaction that proves football really can toy with your emotions, even if you aren’t playing.

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