(Video) The moment England star Harry Maguire’s dad had ribs crushed in Wembley scramble

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The Sun have provided a clip of the exact moment England star Harry Maguire’s father had his ribs crushed in a fan scramble at Wembley.

It’s no great secret that (some) England fans didn’t behave particularly well at Wembley for the Euro 2020 final.

Whether they were overexcited by the occasion, or just idiotic by nature, likely comes down to the individual, but either way, their actions made what was supposed to be a memorable night a truly frightening one for some.

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England fans ran riot at Wembley for the Euro 2020 final

With thousands of fans attempting to force their way through the turnstiles without a ticket, of course there were some who found themselves injured in the scrum.

Harry Maguire’s father was unfortunately one of those. As The Sun report, the Manchester United centre-back’s dad was left with sore ribs after being caught in the middle of a Wembley bundle.

The footage is quite disturbing and it’s a miracle that nobody was seriously injured in the midst of it all…

Video via The Sun

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