Video: The first ever 3D happened 24 years ago today and damn it was ugly

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Bubba ‘Bully’ Ray Dudley has brought to the attention of the wrestling universe that it is 24 years since the debut of the famous Dudley Boyz finisher – the 3D.

The duo first pulled the move out of their Arsenal at ECW Crossing the Line in 1997 when Bubba Ray and D-Von joined forces after Bubba Ray Dudley turned his back on his little brother Spike.

The Dudley Boys consist of ‘storyline’ half-brothers Bubba Ray (originally spelled Buh Buh Ray) and D-Von, occasionally Spike Dudley, and a whole heap of others in ECW.

As one of the top tag teams in the histories of ECW, WWF/E, and TNA, Bubba Ray and D-Von are notable for becoming the most decorated tag team in professional wrestling history, as well as for their groundbreaking series of matches during the WWF Attitude Era against the Hardy Boys and Edge and Christian.

Bubba Ray or Bully Ray as he’s known on Twitter has shared the moment the 3D was first used and boy oh boy, it was bad. Thankfully the Dudley Boyz got much better at it and it was devastating on their road to success across numerous wrestling brands.

Video courtesy of Bully Ray via Twitter
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