Video: Swansea’s Jamal Lowe celebrates into Ben Fosters matchday GoPro behind the net

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Ben Foster has become an internet sensation with his matchday vlogs on Youtube and everyone has been watching them, even Swansea’s Jamal Lowe it seems. The Swansea striker must be an avid fan to know where Foster’s Go Pro is placed as when Jamal scored the equalising goal in today’s match with Watford, he made sure to go over and celebrate into the camera. Ben Foster’s goal cam has seen some amazing save from Foster himself but has also caught some great goals, the before unseen insight into what being on a professional pitch is amazing. The footage has now gone viral and you can see why Jamal would want to be in the video.

Here is Lowe running over to the goal pointing and laughing into the camera after scoring the first goal:

Pictures courtesy of BEIN Sports

Lowe then went on to score the winner in Swansea’s 2-1 win over Watford today and if he ran into the goal for the equaliser, we can’t begin to imagine what he’d do in front of the camera after scoring the winner. We’re just hoping Ben doesn’t edit it out.

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