Video: Snooker star launches attack on footballers for breaking COVID rules

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Snooker star Shaun Murphy has launched a ‘scathing’ attack on footballers who have broken COVID lockdown rules over and over again.

The number eight ranked snooker player in the world has spoken with Eurosport about his frustration with footballers who consistently break lockdown rules.

Shaun has spoken about how snooker players have followed the rules to a tee and have very low numbers of positive tests returned.

He feels that all sport could be cancelled and if it is he knows exactly who to blame as he will be pointing the finger directly as footballer who possibly “earn too much to care”.

Benjamin Mendy was one of the rule breakers that I’m sure Shaun has seen news of as the Manchester City defender threw a new year’s party.

Pictures courtesy of Eurosport

Do you think Shaun has a point? Is it football that’s dragging the world of sport down in terms of COVID-19?

If sport is cancelled, will it be footballers fault?


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