(Video) Slap Fight contestant does front roll after getting brutally KO’d 😬

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Kortney Olson did a front roll as she struggled to come through after being brutally knocked out in Dana White’s Power Slap League. 

The sport of ‘slap fighting’ has made a comeback over the past five years with it garnering a lot of attention on YouTube. Many of the competitions took place outside of America but the UFC president has decided to introduce it to the States.

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Dana White started his own competition called ‘Power Slap League’ where contestants face off and essentially slap each other until one man or woman wins. He has received major backlash for this from people who deem it to be too savage and after seeing the most recent clip, they might have a point.

Kortney Olson was brutally knocked out by Sheena Bathory and as she tried to recover she fell into a front roll.

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