(Video) Crazy Switzerland star Haris Seferović slaps teammate across the face in shootout preparations

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Haris Seferović, are you okay, mate? The Switzerland striker decided the best way to prepare for last night’s shootout was to slap his teammate in the face.

Seferović was a Swiss hero on the night, scoring two goals to help his country on their way to force France into extra-time, and eventually the dreaded penalty shootout.

Some players may well choose to remain calm and composed ahead of a shootout, while others will pump themselves full of energy to ensure the nerves don’t get the better of them.

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Haris Seferović celebrates after scoring against France

Seferović appears to have a different strategy entirely – violence.

Ahead of last night’s shootout, Seferović decided it’d be appropriate to slap his teammate in the face before the team huddle disbanded and the penalties commenced.

Seferović himself didn’t take a penalty, but Switzerland did go on to win the shootout, which leaves the slap-in-the-face method with a 100% success rate. Take note, Gareth Southgate…

Pictures courtesy of UEFA Euro 2020

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